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  • Reports on specific Pharmaceutical companies, their drugs, markets and competition in several countries
  • Reports on major banks
  • Reports on major telecoms
  • Reputational reports of many different companies, for the most part in the banking, pharmaceutical, construction, real estate, energy and shipping industries
  • Reports on the Finance Information companies existing in specific EU countries
  • Reports on Online business information market in specific EU countries
  • Reports on the Telecommunications market in a specific countries
  • “The best way to find your ideal house” – a comparison study done in different EU countries
  • Report on the functioning of the Postal Services in a specific country
  • Research on national scandals (public figures, companies, politicians, crime or legal issues) in Portugal, Brazil, and several African Portuguese and French speaking countries
  • Detailed background on the five richest men in a specific country
  • The construction market in a specific country
  • Conversion of a list of articles (more than 100 pages) into a readable summary (about 10 pages) about topics in African countries
  • Report on Macao Gaming
  • Report on Macao Crime
  • Report on Mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Logistic companies in the Maghreb
  • The automotive industry in a specific country
  • How to distribute funds in the energy sector of the new EU countries?
  • Comparative study of the working of Register Offices in different countries in EU
  • List of all websites in a country related with a topic
  • Report on the Education System in Brazil
  • Report about the 6-10 year old’s audience: different TV programs, different channels
  • Finding three trustable accounting firms per largest city in Portugal
  • Report on Private jet market in Latin America
  • Airplane manufacturers in the USA

But the Strategio group has also helped its clients in other areas.